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Overcoming Mind-Hunger


The Overcoming Mind-Hunger Program works to enhance recovery from binge eating disorder, bulimia or emotional eating issues by helping clients change their relationship with food. Overcoming Mind-Hunger addresses energy balance, management of true physical hunger and body acceptance. Once a normal healthy attitude about food emerges, more complex issues related to desire to change weight can be addressed.


The Foundation Group

This 15-week psychoeducational series is for those who are new to the idea of changing relationship with food. Each class is designed to develop personal awareness as well as genuine understanding of why we eat for reasons other than true physical hunger. Classes include group discussion, hands-on eating experiences and basic nutrition physiology.


That "need" for chocolate: How food can impact brain chemistry and blood sugar.

Emotional eating: Why saying no to favorite foods and eating to suppress feeling is often destructive.

How to break the "fat thought" cycle and build self-confidence

Take back control: How to implement a simple four step CALM plan to cope with emotions and cravings.


Topics Explored:

Each class in the group is $54 per 90 minute session, plus a one-time $15 materials fee. These classes are led by Alexa Sparkman, MA, RDN, LD. Classes will be held every Tuesday from 6:00-7:30 PM. Fall 2019 classes are full. Registration is open for Spring 2020. Register today to secure your place.

Virtual classes using a HIPAA compliant platform are also available on Wednesdays from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm or 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Each virtual class in the group is $36 per 60 minute session. Registration is open for Fall 2019.
Virtual classes are led by Carly Janak, RDN, LD.


The Skills Development Group


This psychoeducational series effectively complements the initial foundation course. Once participants understand why they reach for food and have insight into the mechanics of mindful eating, these classes help develop the skills necessary for successful change.


Topics Explored:


How to observe yourself and others rationally and objectively

Anxiety: Techniques to reduce tension and cope with worries

How to interpret physical body experiences to gain important information

Uncover possibilities: Learn how to open up to different choices to achieve your goals


Each class in the group is $36 per 60 minute session. Classes led by Alexa Sparkman will be conducted virtually using a HIPAA compliant platform. Contact the office for dates and details.